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Wisdom is a Woman: Exploring the Wisdon of God

Wisdom is a woman. That is not just my opinion or some new academic theory. Wisdom is a woman because the Bible tells us so. It tells us that wisdom is more than just a benefit or a characteristic. In the Bible, wisdom is sometimes a person. When so personified, wisdom is always a woman.

Sometimes she is Lady Wisdom. Sometimes she is Madame Insight. Most often she goes incognito; yet the shadow she casts is always a female form. Perhaps it is this very tendency to eschew the spotlight that has allowed us to overlook her for so long.

This mysterious woman abounds in the Bible, but many of the verses that recount her exploits and explain her character are relatively unexplored. Wisdom Is a Woman examines just such dust-laden biblical passages.

This is a journey of discovery that helps us look at things we thought we knew with fresh eyes. Our guide on the journey is Lady Wisdom, a formidable dame who knows every stone, tree root, and hidden pitfall along the way.

She will take us back to the very beginnings of our world. We will focus for a time on Biblical women, from Eve to Priscilla. We will examine women in a general sense, looking for clues in our study of wisdom. We will visit the Proverbs 31 woman and tour Lady Wisdom’s academy. Our journey will compare the lives and work of two wise Biblical men and end with a step-by-step correlation between women and wisdom.

Lady Wisdom is our guide. But do not think that she only tutors women and girls. God’s wisdom is not limited to those of a specific gender, locale, or status. Lady Wisdom’s academy is open to all.

Homekeepers Interview

Heidi Lee discusses Wisdom is a Woman with Athelene Rippy on the May 13, 2014 episode of Homekeepers show on CTN (Christian Television Network). Watch below.


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